Office Staff positions


Client Care REp

Customer-service oriented individuals responsible for listening to

our client's needs and booking their appointments

  • Customer Service experience preferred

  • Part-time & Full-time Positions available

  • Earn $32K+ Annually

  • Full-time benefits (401K, health insurance, etc.)


Tech dispatcher

CCR with the additional responsibilities of coordinating the clients' type

of calls with the correct available technician & Trade

  • Customer service experience required

  • Earn $50k+ annually

  • Full-time position only

  • Full-time benefits (401K, health insurance, etc.)


Office Manager

Management position that oversees all office staff and provides

additional support to CCR's and Dispatchers

  • Management experience required

  • Earn $60k+ annually

  • High performance can lead to earning $80k+

  • Full-time benefits (401K, health insurance, etc.)

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